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Business Intelligence

Gathering all your raw data and allowing the right people to see it, is still the main goal of everyday business intelligence.

  • See your data fast!
  • Get faster insights into your data, by exploring all relevant data, visually. In just seconds, you can see and interact with your data.

  • See what's important
  • Easily identify outliers, recognise trends and forecast future outcomes with powerful analytics that anyone can use.

  • Business Intelligence on the go
  • Answer questions and show all your data while you are out of the office, using our mobile reporting services.

  • Share your business intelligence
  • Sharing your business intelligence using email and other social applications, is the future.

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  • Philip Fretwell, TS Director (Causeway)
  • Yorkshire, U.K


Actisoft really delivered for Causeway. Working as part of our team, they helped us to fast track many components of our current product line. Offering a very professional and friendly interface.