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Remote Backup XL

Actisoft has developed a system that will allow you to backup your data from anywhere, at anytime. The software was built after various clients having data-loss issues. These issues were caused either due to human error, or timing issues. Actisoft's solution was the Remote Backup XL, which not only allows people to backup their data from anywhere, at anytime, but also allows them to see their backup history, and make any changes.

Remote Backup XL

  • Remote Backup XL
  • Actisoft designed, developed and delivered a remote backup solution, which helps businesses feel confident that their data is up to-date and secure. The solution allows users to backup their data from anywhere, at anytime.

    Martin Cook Director, Actisoft Ltd

  • Secure
  • You can feel confident that our software will backup your data correctly, at anytime, and is safe from any data losses.

  • Freedom
  • The ability to backup your data and view a history of its events, really gives you the freedom to secure your data, and manage your business remotely. This will give you peace in mind that your data and business are safe.

  • Backup History
  • With our built in backup history dashboards, you can get readable reports that show exactly what has happened and when.

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