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Web Applications

Web applications are truly amazing, as they are constantly evolving, increasing productivity and aesthetic appeal.

  • Quality applications
  • Actisoft can not only build superior looking web applications, but also improve functionality and efficiency. We also use the latest technologies to build your perfect web application.

  • Easy and simple
  • We can build your application to be simple and easy to use, increasing the user experience of your web application.

  • Html5 - Css3
  • At Actisoft we use the latest technologies, like Html5 and Css3. This allows your application to look great, and better yet, perform amazingly.

  • Microsoft .Net
  • Our .Net developers have decades of experience, which gives you reassurance, and guarantees the highest of quality.

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  • Steve Taylor, T Director(Peoples Archive)
  • Birmingham, U.K

Peoples Archive

Actisoft worked closely with us, to deliver a cutting edge Silverlight application. They are an excellent company to deal with and I would recommend them to anyone.